How Can The Wrong Packing Materials Cost Your Business?

One of the most costly aspects of owning a business today is planning for shipping of products. As a business owner, you want to offer affordable options to minimize shipping costs so that they don’t fall onto your consumers. There are many different approaches to creating the illusion of more affordable shipping costs, but nothing defrays the expense like having the right packaging materials for your product. Whether you are shipping from FedEx, the UPS store franchise, or USPS, the wrong packing materials can cost your business.


The weight and size of a box which an item is shipped in can impact the cost of shipping. If you send one small item in a large box, expect to pay more because of the added size which takes up space in parcel carrier vehicles. The same size box at the UPS store franchise might cost more at USPS is if it is labeled as “flat rate”. As a business owner, you much compare and contrast the different boxes, their thickness, and their shipping cost by carrier to find the right balance for you.

Packaging Tape/Labels

Packaging tape and labels are small items that can make a big difference in the cost of shipping a package. Remember that items are shipped based on weight by ounce. A piece of cardstock for a shipping label inherently weighs more than a piece of standard copy paper. If you use thicker packaging tape or duct tape instead of clear packing tape, this can also increase your cost. Self-sealing boxes are the preferred route to cut down on this small expense which can become significant over the course of a year.

Packing Materials

Smaller businesses often look to defray the cost of shipping goods by reusing packing materials that come with items the receive. What they forget is that even large air filled bubble packs add on weight. If you use bubble wrap, newspaper, or brown packing paper – you could be looking at an extra $2 or more per package sent. Just another expense that adds up for your business and cuts into your profits.

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